Major Stars-

Distant Effects LP/CD

Major Stars
Distant Effects LP/CD (Squealer 036) 2002

With the Songs:
1. No Higher Meaning
2. Hardly Mention [mp3]
3. Are We
4. Elephant

Wayne Rogers-Guitar, vocals
Kate Sunshine-Guitar
Tom Leonard-Bass
Dave Lynch-Drums

Distant Effects, available on vinyl and CD, is the third full length release from the Cambridge, MA-based band, following a series of albums on their own Twisted Village label.

Combining an interest in mid-60's folk rock, free jazz and Hendrix-oid guitar riffage, the Major Stars create tuneful compositions that rapidly lift into the stratosphere on the waves of guitar amperage supplied by Wayne Rogers and Kate Sunshine. Wayne and Kate have been purveyors of obscure musics for over a decade, first off in the bands Crystalized Movements and Magic Hour, then as operators of the Twisted Village label and store.

"Wayne & Kate come to Major Stars straight from Magic Hour, whose quick ascent from snarly West Coast-influenced rock band to all instrumental thugs brought many a tear to helpless Galaxie 500 fans. Bassist Tom Leonard has been at one time or another a member of every non-Magic Twisted Village ensemble, and Dave laid down the big beat in Vermonster. Now that these four have reconvened, they are taking their LOUD polystructural ROCK to the people...Major Stars aim to take higher-key improvisational wizardry and clobber you on the head with it while simultaneously caressing your mind."-Forced Exposure web site

The vinyl version of Distant Effects comes with a free poster.

Both the CD and the LP are available for now. Either version is $12.00 postpaid in the U.S. The CD is $19 postpaid for most of the world. Overseas LP customers please write for details.

Listen to the Terrastock edition of Fresh Air broadcast on NPR on 10/30/02.

Their link from the South By Southwest Festival.

A Wayne Rogers annotated discography (in English and Italian!)

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