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Swell Henry CD

(Squealer 040) 2004

yeah NO


Yeah NO, the brainchild of saxaphonist Chris Speed, was founded in 1996, after the improvisations the band made in their early rehearsals were developed into an unusual book of music. ╩Using their love of free jazz, modern rock, eastern folk and minimalism as their pallet they have since created a unique sound that folds their strong individual improvisational talents into a warm, cohesive and explosive sound. ╩╩Since their debut record in 1997, they have thrived in the center of new music in NYC, performing frequently at the Knitting Factory and Tonic. ╩They have toured the States, Italy, and recently did a 3 week tour of Europe. ╩After a run of three records (yeah NO, Deviantics, and Emit) on the Canadian label Songlines, they have joined with Squealer for their new record Swell Henry, out now.

Born in Seattle, Chris Speed began playing music at age five on the piano, adding the clarinet and orchestra rehearsals at age eleven, and started concentrating on jazz, improvisation and the tenor sax in high school. In 1987 he moved to Boston where he studied at the New England Conservatory and co-formed the band Human Feel. A resident of Brooklyn since 1992, Chris made his initial contribution to New York City music as a member of Tim Berne's Bloodcount, and has since contributed extensively to the downtown music world. Besides Yeah NO, Chris plays in Pachora, a Balkan Rom influenced band with four recordings (Astereotypical, Ast, Unn and Pachora), and also in Trio Iffy, along with keyboardist Jamie Saft (who also appears on Swell Henry) and drummer Ben Perowsky.

Trumpeter Cuong Vu was born in Vietnam to musical parents and emigrated to Seattle at age six. He is a graduate of the New England Conservatory where he studied with master improviser Joe Maneri. He co-led Saft/Vu (Ragged Jack, Avant), and has been touring and recording frequently with his trio (featuring Stomu Takeshi) and most recently with guitarist Pat Metheny.

Born in Reykjavik, electric bassist Skuli Sverrisson graduated from Berklee College and has appeared on over 30 records with Icelandic artists, including his group Pax Vobis, and Mo Boma. Aside from his ongoing collaborations with Laurie Anderson and Pachora, he also has two new recordings, Napoli 23 (Smekkleysa) and Eftir Pogn ("mi jazz). His solo record Sermonie (Extreme), features tape compositions "taking audio snapshots of the interior architecture of sound," joining electronics and extended techniques for the electric bass.

Percussionist Jim Black grew up in Seattle, moved to Boston in 1985 to attend Berklee, and has lived in Brooklyn since 1991. A founding member of Pachora and Human Feel, he also has toured and recorded with Tim Berne's Bloodcount, Dave Douglas's Tiny Bell Trio, Ellery Eskelin, Uri Caine's Mahler and Bach Projects, and his own band Alas No Axis. The latest cd Habyor will be out in June on Winter & Winter Recordings.

Born in Aroostook County, Maine, recent addition Ted Reichman is best known as accordion player for Anthony Braxton, Marc Ribot and Paul Simon. Ted was also the founder of the new music series at Tonic, NYC. He recently finished his first album of original music for Tzadik records (playing guitar, electronics, keyboards, percussion and zither in addition to accordion) and composed and performed the soundtrack for the upcoming film "Rick."

Swell Henry CD (Squealer 040) 2004

With the Songs:
1. She Has Four Thorns , 5:04.
2. Last Beginning , 4:37.
3. Born in the Air, 5:03.
4. Camper Giorno, 5:22.
5. Cloud Stopper, 3:43.
6. Flanked, 1:49.
7. He Has a Pair of Dice, 3:44.
8. Dead Water 4:03.
9. Staircase Genius, 3:05.
10. Kip Files, 2:01.

yeah NO:
Cuong Vu-Trumpet
Skuli Sverisson-Bass
Jim Black-Drums
Chris Speed-Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Casio
+ Rob Burger-Accordion (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 8, 9)
Jamie Saft-Mellotron (Tracks 3, 4), Wurlitzer (Track 6), Speak & Spell (Track 10)
Hilmar Jensson-Guitar (Track 9)Ishida Yoko : peacock harp,chorus,cheese cake

Recorded and mixed by Jamie Saft at Frank Booth, Brooklyn, NY 2003
Except (5) recorded and mixed by Skuli, Speed ad (10) by Skuli, Speed, Saft.
Mastered by Doug Henderson at Micro-Moose, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Oct. 27, 2003.
All songs by Chris Speed, published by Keopolo Music (BMI), except (5)
by Skuli Sverisson, published by Stef, and (10) by Skuli/Speed, published by Keopolo Music (BMI)/Stef.

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