The Ah Club-

Kiss the Sky Goodbye LP/CD

The Ah Club

Kiss the Sky Goodbye LP (Squealer 022) 1996

Featuring the songs: "Standing on the Street", "Now That You're Gone", "Turmoil", "One Less", "You're So Far Away", "Sunday Afternoon", "Bitter Days", "100 Lives Under the Sun", "In This Quiet Place", "Longer Than Time", "Somewhere to Be", "Covered Heart", "Toasted", "Unbodied", "Looking For Daddy", "Pillar of Salt", "Isolation", "Know My Purpose" and "Howl".

Aubrey Brengelman-Loops
Carol Paine-Voice

The Ah Club have been doing their home-based recording for almost six years now: Aubrey does the loops (mostly utilising old rap and RnB 12" records), while Carol adds her haunting vocals on later. While their music is often wistful and naive, there's an aura of domestic unrest about it: a fragile, damaged quality that gives you the chills. Similar to a band like Saint Etienne, the Ah Club house emotional edginess under a sheen of complex good vibes. Looped bass and drums strike like a hammer to your skull, and then Carol's voice just crawls under your skin. This record is a co-release with Shrimper, and is limited to 564 hand-screened copies.

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