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Ordering Basics:

We prefer Paypal for ordering, and are not currently able to accept other forms of credit card payment. Paypal payment buttons are accessible on all the artist pages. If you have any ordering questions, please drop a note to contactus@squealermusic.com. We can combine shipping on items, and we'll do our best to save you money on shipping and give you a good deal. We can reserve items for a reasonable time, though it's not necessary for most stuff.

Postage Rates and Pricing

All prices listed on the site are postage-paid in the United States of America at the "Media Mail" Postal Rate (what used to be the 'book rate').

Mexico and Canada customers please add $2 per item.

Overseas customers get gouged. "Free trade" is certainly a misnomer; it is not free to mail items overseas. Please contact us directly for a quote on any international order and we'll work out the details: contactus@SquealerMusic.com . Most of our full priced CDs are available at the price of $20 postpaid, as we send them by "global priority", which allows shipments up to 4 pounds for one price, and generally takes four business days to arrive. Shipping discounts are available for multiple CD orders. Again, write for details.

The domestic (U.S.) prices are listed on the pages of each individual item, but for simplicity's sake we'll list them here as well.

Main Catalog

034 Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-New Geocentric World of Acid Mothers Temple CD. $13.00 postpaid. Limited number of copies left!
037 Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.-In CD CD $13.00 postpaid. Very limited number of copies left!
022 The Ah Club-Kiss The Sky Goodbye LP/CD. Out of print.
029 Charles Curtis-Ultra White Violet Light Double 12"/Double CD. Out of print. Downloads are available at eMusic.
028 Gold Sparkle Band-Nu Soul Zodiac CD. $13.00 postpaid
035 Gold Sparkle Band-Fugues & Flowers CD $13.00 postpaid.
026 William Hooker-Hard Time CD $5.00 postpaid. *NEW LOW PRICE*
027 Last Days of May-Radiant Black Mind CD. $13.00 postpaid
038 Last Days of May-Inner System Blues CD. $13.00 postpaid.
036 Major Stars-Distant Effects LP $12.00 postpaid/CD $13.00 postpaid.
012 Mind Sirens-Decatur Cherry Smash LP/CD. Out of Print.
020 Minerva Strain/Special Agents Of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix-Skitchhead split 10" Out of Print.
021 Rake-G MAN CD $5.00 postpaid. *NEW LOW PRICE*
019 Spatula-Under the Veil of Health LP/CD. LP $5.00 postpaid/CD $5.00 postpaid. *NEW LOW PRICE*
025 Spatula-Despina By Land CD $5.00 postpaid. *NEW LOW PRICE*
024 Stigma Rock Unit-Treasure Path to Soul-Winning CD. Out of print. Downloads are available at eMusic.
023 Tono-Bungay/Tower Recordings-Rules of Thumb 10" $5.00 postpaid. *NEW LOW PRICE*

Squealer Revisited

1000 High Rise-II CD and LP are out of print. Downloads are available at eMusic.
1001 High Rise-Dispersion CD $13 postpaid. The LP's are out of print.
1002 High Rise-Live LP $16/CD is out of print. Downloads are available at eMusic.
1003 High Rise-Disallow LP $12/CD $13 postpaid.
1004 Circle-Raunio CD. Out of print. Downloads are available at eMusic.

SQUEALER Coffee Mugs! $6 postpaid (very few remaining!)

7" Singles

004 Baby Igor-"Zero"/"Never" 7" Out of print.
008 Bicycle Face-Christafari 7" EP Out of print.
010 Geezer Lake-Songs From the Watering Hole 7" Out of print.
006 Joe The Fireman-"Orange Kid"/"A Smash" 7" Out of print.
011 June-"Genius"/"All of Me" 7" Out of print.
007 Milk Badger-Triskelion 7" EP Out of print.
013 Refrigerator-Louder Than Goodbye 7" EP Out of print.
016 Stigma (Rock Unit)-"Texas Hollow Road"/"The Softest Core" 7" Out of print.
014 Various Artists-Industrial Folk Vol. 1 7" EP Out of print.
015 Yak!-Exiles On Montgomery Street 7" EP Out of print.


In the past we've offered various special deals to encourage you to purchase more product. You should only buy things that you want or need. We will happily include lots of extra stuff to help ensure that you get a good deal. That stuff is subject to whim, but you will not be disappointed.


Squealer is interested in dealing direct with reputable stores or distributors. Paypal payment is preferred, though we can negotiate other terms as long as you're honest.

Thanks for ordering!