Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix/Minerva Strain-

Skitchhead 10" EP

Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix/Minerva Strain

Skitchhead 10" EP (Squealer 020) 1996


Special Agents Of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix:

Michelle Polzine-guitar, vocals
Shannon Morrow-drums, piano
Anne Gomez-bass, vocals

H.M.S. Cervix songs on the split: "No Girls Allowed", "Yellow Lemonade", "The Sky's Unzipped", "Veil", "The Rowdy Earthworm" and "Carousel".

Bracing, angry, stark, beautiful. Hearkening back to the early-80's heyday of politically charged, personally aware bands led by women (The Raincoats, Au Pairs, Slits, etc.), Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix (often called "H.M.S. Cervix" for short) created a dynamic sound at odds with most of what else was happening in Chapel Hill (and much of the rest of the country as well). This dynamic tension inevitably led to interpersonal quarreling, and their demise in late summer of 1996.

Minerva Strain:
Andy Shull-guitar, vocals
Pat Johnson-drums
Jason Summers-guitar, vocals
Nick Lingg-bass

Minerva Strain songs on the split: "Lux Aeterna", "Sizzle of a Dusty Candle", "J.E.H. Parachutes (remixed edit)" and "Minerva's Secret Cervix" (actually a collaborative effort of the two bands).

Minerva Strain's brand of psychedelic pop conjures up elements of the great British psych-pop bands of the early 80's: Echo and the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, etc. Their live shows were a maelstrom of sensory overload, with films, swirling lights and a sound just a little to the pop side of Crystalized Movements or Magic Hour. The met their demise in early 1997.

Nan Bagato did the excellent cover art.

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