Squealer Links


The American Gamelan Institute are into all things 'gamelan' (you know; the cool Indonesian instrument that sounds a lot like hollow bells), and their site is a nice reference for folks interested in finding out more about this unique instrument and its purveyors.

Currently fond of taking a visit to the Perfect Sound Forever web zine. It was worth the trip just to find a link to a very complete Destroy All Monsters web page, but beyond that they've got quality columnists writing about interesting music. Well worth a visit.

Jim Santo's excellent DemoUniverse site is back up and running. Those of you who might have checked out Alternative Press at the newstand while not actually buying it may have missed his monthly column, which featured reviews of demo tapes and 'limited distribution' items (my quotes, not his). Well, if you really want to get into the underground, forget anything that you're going to find at your local record shoppe, and dig straight into this masterwork. The most fun is to search the database within your own state, and then snicker at the reviews of the local bands you hate.

"WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT it becomes necessary for us, the citizens of the earth, to creatively improve the culinary are to barbe-que'n in our opposition to the overly commercialized bondage of "cue-be-rab" (barbecuing backwards); and to assume, within the realm of palatable biological reactions to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle us, a decent respect for all the billions of human taste buds and savory barbeque desires; we the people declare a basic barbeque bill of rights which impels us to help halt, eradicate, and ultimately stamp out"cue-be-rab!"-so speaks Black Panther founder Bobby Seale on his "Barbeque'n With Bobby Seale" site. Surreal.