Milk Badger-

The Triskelion 7" EP

Milk Badger

The Triskelion 7" EP (Squealer 007) 1992

With the songs "Move", "Hot", "Old Byron", "Tritone" and "Zagnut".

Will Simmons-Guitar, Vocals
Joe Sowers-Drums
Butch Lazorchak-Bass

Indie rock, about as goofy and fun as you can get. Five songs influenced by Link Wray, Unrest, Sleepyhead, the Kingsmen and the Thamesmen. Milk Badger were pretty hot stuff in their day, opening for a variety of bands in Blacksburg (including Flat Duo Jets, Unrest, Tsunami and Southern Culture on the Skids) and making short trips to Greensboro, Richmond and points beyond. "Seriousness" (or a lack thereof) led to their demise, not before they released this shot heard round the world.

The single has hand colored covers that are all unique. Will is a favorite of the folks at Shrimper, and is on that label's Abridged Perversions CD and Fantasy Band 7". He also operates his own Bees Make Honey label.

This record is now out of print.


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