Stigma Rock Unit-

Treasure Path to Soul-Winning CD

"Texas Hollow Road"/
"The Softest Core 7"
(Squealer 016) 1995
Treasure Path to Soul-Winning CD
(Squealer 024/Jagjaguwar 05) 1997

Stigma Rock Unit

Joshua David Lawson - Bass, Guitar
D.C. Smith - Guitar
Jack-Drums, Backing vocals
Jeremy Adam Koren - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

The Stigma Rock Unit were a Blacksburg, VA 4 piece who made eloquent post-hardcore that rocked out like Fugazi, Unwound, the Universal Order of Armageddon or Karate!

The 7" single, "Texas Hollow Road", was recorded fitfully at Subzero in Silver Spring in May of 1995 with W.C. Barbot of Jawbox/Burning Airlines making an early production effort, and then released in the fall of1995.

Their full length CD, Treasure Path to Soul-Winning, was released in June of '97. It is a co-release with the excellent Bloomington, Indiana label Jagjaguwar, who have put out records from the Curious Digit, Fuck, and the widely acclaimed Drunk.

The album was recorded Dec. 26-30, 1996 at WGNS Studios in Washington D.C., with the inimitable Geoff Turner at the controls (look for Geoff's work all over various D.C. releases including Hoover, Regulator Watts, Foo Fighters and thousands of others...). Most of the record is completely live, with a few goodies tacked on a bit later (check out the piano intro to "They All Gave Us Static"). Bill Chalkley took over for the departed Josh Lawson in 1998. The band called it a day in 1999.

With the songs: "Les Paul vs. Leo Fender", "They All Gave Us Static", "Texas Hollow Road", "M. Chapman", "These Are Good Scars", "Armies of Malcontents Are Yours/Chaos Theory Revisited", "S.I.L.O. S.W.E.E.P.E.R.", "True Romans Theme Song", "Dutch Courage", and "New Splendor".

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