Joe the Fireman-

Orange Kid 7"


Joe the Fireman

Orange Kid 7" (Squealer 006) 1992

With the songs: "Orange Kid" and "A Smash".

Phred Rainey-Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Chown-Bass
Adam Caperton-Drums

On "A Smash":
Phred Rainey-Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Rick McCrickard-Bass

Awesome songwriting and guitars that sound like showers of sparks. Joe the Fireman are somewhat akin to the current wave of alt. country hearthrobs (Richard Buckner, etc.), though their roots (and origins) are closer to Uncle Tupelo and the American Music Club. "Orange Kid" is one of the catchiest post-R.E.M. southern guitar-pop tunes you will hear, while "A Smash" is moving and moody. Guitarist/vocalist Rainey is now based in Chapel Hill, NC.

Cover art by Joe Kelley (who also did the 'etchings' on our High Rise LP's), and then individually colored by people who care about rock. On clear orange vinyl.

This record is now out of print.



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