Yak! -

Exiles on Montgomery Street 7" EP


Exiles On Montgomery Street 7" EP (Squealer 015) 1995

With the songs "Hop Scotch Mark", "Rock Star", "Jacket" and "Stars and Bars".

Walter Simpkins-Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, etc.
Dave Jackson-Drums, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, etc.
Butch Lazorchak-Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, etc.

This is the first (and only) "real" recorded work from this Blacksburg three piece. Recorded over a period of six months in their practice space, the band picked out the best songs and touched them up with some 4 track work. Lots of guitar wanking, bass pummeling and drum bashing, with quite lovely songs working their way through the lo-tech atmosphere.

Formed originally out of the ashes of Blacksburg, VA's late, lamented Milk Badger, Yak! went through several drummers, a shortwave player, banjos, glockenspiels and a brick wall before settling on their 'classic' lineup late in 1994. All three were equally adept at drums, bass and guitar, so they often switched around during shows, allowing each to take over the spotlight and showcase their own particular writing styles. The band got compared to a lot of different people (Yo La Tengo, the Jam, Firehose, the Byrds, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Ditch Croaker and Deep Purple are some of the many that came up) , which may imply that they had something of their own going on, or that they stole readily and skillfully. During their lifespan they attracted plenty of good company, having shared stages with Versus, Polvo, Rodan, Kicking Giant, Spatula, Joby's Opinion, Fudge, Minerva Strain, Rake, Motocaster and many others. The band parted ways in early 1997.

Mastered by Don Van Gordon at Executive Mastering

This record is now out of print.


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