G-Man CD



G-Man CD (Squealer 021) 1996

Cryptographic C dbl C-Drums, Moog
Vincent Van No No Go-Guitar, Voc
Dr. Rex Rx-Bass

With the songs: "10,000KILLAHUTRZ tone", "PunkRock Glo", "Chair Throwing Incident", "B.D.B.", "Postscript.drv", "Filter Touch", "Andy Bass", "Chesterfield Nights", "The Cosmos at Large", "Eric Blood Axe Rules OK" and "Special Agent: Rake".

Rake. The name alone connotes both the meaning and purpose of the group. As Noah Webster puts it, Rake means "to be physically or mentally capable of; to be permitted by conscience to; to be inherently designed to; or to be logically or axiologically able to." Rake is definitely all those things. Rake is also its own answer to the many people who've said to them in their seven year existence that they can't. Rake has broken just about every rule in the music business and has survived to see that business, and its audience, come around to their way of thinking. Born in Germany in 1968, during the aftermath of psychedelia, Rake took an early place among those groups of loftier intentions. The music world had just begun to accept the likes of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, but had quite a long way to go before such artists as Herbie Hancock or the Mahavishnu Orchestra would actually be thought of as "commercial". Rake's musical foundation is firmly based in classical, jazz, rock and electronic, but its music is none of those. It is incomparable and limitless. Rake is a paradox. Dedicated on the one hand to perfection and on the other to totally free, unbridled improvisation. Although this means the group can never be wholly satisfied, they are very probably right. Perhaps if perfection can be achieved at all, it must, by nature, be stumbled upon. In its quest, Rake will wander into any and all musical extremities; never quite sure what awaits them, but never aimless. While easily among the most progressive of today's fusion groups, Rake's music is often a celebration of the primeval; reaching deep into the primordial past, grasping our collective musical souls and then hurling it into space.

Why this CD is called G-Man rather than Special Agent: Rake or Rake In...Intelligence Agent: #2003 is a confusing question best left to the members themselves. Please write them and ask. This is a 77 minute CD, and they need every last one.

A Rake member also has a side thing called Buttpiss which kicks ass.

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