Geezer Lake-

Songs From the Watering Hole 7" EP

Geezer Lake

Songs from the Watering Hole 7" (Squealer 010) 1994

With the songs "Midnight Crackerjack" and "Sycamore Tree".

Eric Shepherd-Guitar, Tapes
Chris Clodfelter-Vocals, Trumpet
Harrison Cannon-Bass, Vocals
Scott Irving-Percussion, Vocals

The first Squealer release for the "Lake" after a couple of 7" records for their own label, DeTox. Maximum Rock N Roll (of all places) may have described their sound best: "1 part Jesus Lizard, 1 part Alice Donut, 1 part Black Sabbath, 1 part Charles Mingus, 1 part Black Flag, 1 part Butthole Surfers; add alcohol and LSD. Stir." I'm not sure that we could really say it any better.

Unfortunately, due the volatile nature of the above-mentioned cocktail, they've now expired. Even if you can't enjoy them in full swing, you can still enjoy their works.

Chris and his brother Jim were also 2/3 of the band Slowchange Madagascar who put out some singles on D-Tox and various compilation tracks. Scotty Irving currently has a solo project called the Clang Quartet.

Black and white photos courtesy of Happy Robot.

This record is now out of print.


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