Last Days of May

Last Days of May

Inner System Blues CD (Squealer 038) 2003

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1. Tell a Green Man Something [mp3]
2. Rangerland/Bewitched
3. Bridge of Smoke [mp3]
4. Drive, It Said
5. Solitary Realizer Vehicle

Thomas Howard
Karl Precoda
James Ralston
Leonard Wishart (Tracks 1-3

Paintings: Michael Cano

Layout: Lubalisa Graphic Design

Corps of Engineers: T. Rock Phillips, Pete Katz, T.S. Clark, Morgan McLeod, Mike Baize, Patrick Reed, Trip Faulconer, Vann Hall, C.W.Hlad.

The third full-length release from LDOM finds them moving even further into borderless territory, with no temporal or dimensional restraints.

Radiant Black Mind CD (Squealer 027) 2000

1. The Mezz
2. Apollo Cabinfire
3. ECG 102A
4. Up From the Equator
5. The West

Thomas Howard
Karl Precoda
James Ralston
Leonard Wishart

Mastered at PMD.
Hospitality by C.W. Hlad.
Tape Operator-T. Rock Phillips
Photography and Design by Stephanie Goode
Type Layout-SM Central

Radiant Black Mind is the second album from Last Days of May, the augmented 'power trio' led by legendary guitarist Karl Precoda. An instrumental combo of stately depth, LDOM react to each other with astounding musical telepathy: the 'ghost' notes and splintered synaptic abstractions slowly develop into musical storm systems, frosted with peaks of intensity. Theirs is a seismic wave of low-end rumble and high-end concentration. The band rides the crests like high desert surfers, channeling the currents atop a ten foot Dick Brewer.

Radiant Black Mind is now out of print.

Digital files are available at eMusic.

Inner System Blues is still available for $12.00 postpaid.

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