Baby Igor-

"Zero"/"Never" 7"

Baby Igor

"Zero"/"Never" (Squealer 004) 1992

Hubert Tse-Vocals
Doug Wetmore-Guitar
Ed Brown-Drums
Dave Carradine-Bass

The first of the Squealer 7" releases. Maximum Rock and Roll said "Wow" and compared them to Helmet, and there's also a little Rollins Band in there. Drummer Ed now beats the skins for Shades Apart. Handscreened covers designed by Matthias Leppitsch at Squealheart productions. This is atypical of the rest of the Squealer catalog, but B.I. were one of the best bands in Blacksburg when this was originally released in 1992, and they certainly deserved it. Besides a couple of limited distribution demo tapes, this is their only known release.

This record is now out of print.


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