"Genius"/"All of Me" 7"


"Genius"/"All of Me" 7" (Squealer 011) 1994

Kat Cook-Vocals
Andy Magowan-Bass, Violin
John Price-Guitar
Tricia Tuttle-Guitar, Vocals
Matt Gross-Drums, Voice

June began in August of 1992 in Chapel Hill, NC, and ended in roughly August of 1996. It was quite a ride in the meantime.

Beautiful close harmonies, intricate guitar lines and provocative structures; the puzzle pieces of the June sound. They built up tension through the intertwining vocals and guitars, gradually exploding in a burst of energy. "All of Me" worked quite well in a live setting, as Kat and Tricia increased the intensity of their vocal acrobatics through each pass of the chorus. Not too shabby on this recorded version either. "Genius" had a trademark wound-coil intensity that led all manner of labels to their door. The band eventually signed with Beggar's Banquet and released the album I Am Beautiful (with a re-recorded version of "Genius" and re-recordings of some of their other earlier songs), only to split shortly thereafter.

Both of these tracks were produced by Mitch Easter.

You can find June members in a variety of places:
Drummer John Howie (formerly of the band Finger), who joined after the recording of the Squealer single, now strums and croons for $2 Pistols, who have a couple of excellent records on the Scrimshaw label. Bassist Andy Magowan is still in Chapel Hill and continues to play in a variety of bands there. Last we heard, John Price was in Austin, Matt was in Maine, Tricia in England, and Kat in Los Angeles.

This record is now out of print.


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