Tono-Bungay/Tower Recordings-

Rules of Thumb 10" EP

Tono-Bungay/Tower Recordings
Rules of Thumb 10" EP (Squealer 023) 1997

Bob Bannister-guitar, noises
Robert Dennis-guitar, noises
Tony Cenicola-drums, noises

Tono-Bungay create improvised rock that follows the paths laid down by the Velvet Underground, Suicide, Crystalised Movements, etc. Bannister and Dennis both played in the late 80's band Fire in the Kitchen, which reaped loads of critical acclaim, but failed to survive. TB's all instrumental attack evolved out of the longtime togetherness of Bannister and Dennis, who meld minds with a telepathic oneness. Cenicola lays down the Moe Tucker beats, and the band strolls mightily through the ether.

Tower Recordings:
S. Freyer, esq.
PG Six
Spanish Wolfman
Helen Rush

The Tower Recordings have operated out of their base in Port Chester, NY for several years. It's a bit difficult to describe what they're up to, exactly, but the original Sebadoh sound is certainly a reference point, as well as free jazz, modern classical and late 60's psychedelic rock.

This record is a 'collaboration' between the two bands. The record includes tracks completed individually by each band, but instead of alternating sides, as you might usually do on a split record, the bands alternate songs. The track listing and band:

Side 1

Cut 1. Drawings in the Gatefold Sleeve Come to Life When it is Closed - Tono-Bungay
Cut 2. Spider Hotel - Tower Recordings
Cut 3. Confectioner Zed - Tower Recordings
Cut 4. Vortex Burger, Medium Rare - Tono-Bungay
Cut 5. Discount Autosodomy - Tower Recordings
Cut 6. We Cut Glass - Tono-Bungay
Cut 7. Tedium House Punks - Tower Recordings

Side 2

Cut 1. Swarm Cha-Cha - Tower Recordings
Cut 1.5 Tell the Bees -Tono-Bungay
(According to Robert Dennis of TB: "Swarm Cha-cha was crossfaded during mastering into 'Tell the Bees'; the two appear in a single band on side 2, which is as close to interband collaboration as R.O.T. comes. Ain't we li'l stinkers?")
Cut 2. Wee Tam & the Parasomnia Major - Tower Recordings

Also, the cover artwork was a real collaborative effort as well. Dennis again: "The drawing on the front came my way as "found art" - a b/w line drawing on the front cover of a _Loompanics_ catalog a few years back. Loved it, Saved it. That image is signed "G.G M." someplace on it and s/he is thanked in the liner notes. When time came to put _R.o.T._ together I suggested to E.A. Simon my idea that, wouldn't it be great if that image was actually a venus paradise color-by-number picture. She really didn't think so, but was game to try it. I scanned the line drawing and dropped in the little aqua numbers pretty randomly. E.A. Simon drew the lines and did the partial coloring-in (the "paradise effect" as referred to in the notes); and made the beautiful collage which serves as a background for both the front & rear panels (the leaf and the one-missing- picture-corner are both pure E.A.) Matt Valentine did the liner notes on the rear panel and I'm just about 100% positive that the back cover illustration is by Helen Rush. Matt told me that the entire liner-notes design is a riff from some famous psych or folk or folk-psych record that I have no idea what he's talking about."


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